Our Employees at Work- Westchester

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Stephanie Fields

Cambria Hotel- White Plains

“It’s really special to me. They treat me like I’m part of the team. They do not treat me differently. I feel lucky because I have a good job. They understand me. They understand that I learn slower than others. Sean gives me good criticism on what I should work on. Sean and my co-workers understand me a lot better. I like my job.”- Stephanie Fields

Marcus Renna

Scarsdale Library

“Working at the Scarsdale Public Library has been a truly wonderful experience. At Scarsdale, you are encouraged to be the very best you can be and reach your full potential. I cannot tell you enough how refreshing it is to work in an environment where your supervisors and co-workers want you to learn and continue to grow as an employee. You are given equal opportunity just like everybody else in the workforce, and can’t help but want to continue to learn and grow. You are taught the same methods and skills as everybody else and are never made to feel different or less than. For that reason, I wholeheartedly recommend anybody looking to enter the library field to never give up, and hold on for libraries and staff like Scarsdale. They do, in fact, exist! Make no mistake, ACCES-VR itself is equally devoted to helping you achieve those dreams!”- Marcus Renna

Elizabeth Devenney

Yonkers Office for The Aging- Meals on Wheels

Elizabeth Devenney

Maria Eickler

Yonkers Office for The Aging- Meals on Wheels

Maria Eickler

Jodi Alston

Yonkers Office for The Aging- Meals on Wheels

“I love to see the smiles on their faces when I bring their meals to them!  It makes me feel so good!” – Jodi Alston

Yasmine Ward, General Manager (L) and Christopher Montero

Bark & Purr

Yasmine Ward, General Manager (L) and Christopher Montero

“In 2018, I began my first internship experience working at a bakery and with the help of my job coach, I was reassigned to Bark & Purr after realizing the role was not for me. Bark and Purr gave me the confidence I needed to increase my social skills and learn about what motivated me. I am so grateful to have met a supportive manager who guided me in the direction I needed to achieve my goals. After my internship, I was hired, and I have been employed for three years now. I learned a lot about my future career during my internship experience by job shadowing the groomer, which resulted in enrollment to the American Academy of Pet Grooming. I obtained my certificate in May 2021.”- Christopher Montero

Wilbert Bermejo-Flores

Saint Joseph’s Medical Center

“Working at St. Joseph’s Medical Center has been a remarkable experience for me. I started my internship in the gift shop and slowly became the face of the hospital as a front desk intern. I learned how to network and met great people. St. Joseph’s is an excellent working environment for those who want to learn. My manager and job coach always work together to make sure I can experience different job situations. I even had the opportunity to job shadow a medical lab technician for the day. He also showed me the equipment and explained its use. My goal is to become a Medical Lab Technician and I hope to someday be employed here.”- Wilbert Bermejo-Flores

Carlos Esteves

Walgreens Yonkers

“My experience at Walgreens has helped me a lot with my communicating with people, my organizing and memorization skills. Walgreens is not just a business. It’s a family.”- Carlos Esteves

Lazaro Perez

WJCS Center Lane

“I love my job a Center Lane! I work hard at keeping everything clean and practicing my attention to detail. Every day there I try to do better. Everyone there is nice and I see myself working there for a very long time.”- Lazaro Perez

Lindsay Spiegel

Re|Gen Physical Therapy

“I love working at Regen PT because I am a very caring person and I care about my patients that I see there. I like helping them to feel comfortable and making sure they are feeling well. I can see myself being there for a very long time and continuing to grow there!”- Lindsay Spiegel

Joe Karp

Walgreens Thornwood

“Working at Walgreens has been a great experience. Walgreens has given me the opportunity to increase not only my customer services skills, but also taught me how to operate the equipment in the photo department, and allowed me to participate in fundraisers. I also enjoy working here because I get to know our regular customers and meet new people everyday. Another reason I like working here is because my coworkers and leadership are great and always work together to support each other.”- Joe Karp

Michael Asher

Walgreens Eastchester

“This job is an incredible experience for me. It lets me try out new things and it gives me time to put my skill of organizing and carefulness into action. Every day is a challenge, and I can always find a way to resolve my issues by calling to my manager.”- Michael Asher

Andrew Bravo

Westchester Road Runners

“I really like Westchester Road Runner, that’s my job. Andy and Karen are nice. I have a lot of coworkers and I miss them a lot. I can’t wait to go back!”- Andrew Brooks